But they were naked and awake for three hours, laying silently just listening to each other sleep, just enjoying each other’s presence, not wanting to leave,not wanting to move, because moving would ruin it, moving would take away the silence, moving meant they had to speak, had to end it, and neither one of them was ready for that. FOR THREE HOURS NEITHER ONE OF THEM WAS READY.

❝Your loss. I make a hell of a good naked breakfast❞
–Damon 5x17 “Rescue Me” (via damon-sexatore)

Ahh, Enzo is pushing for forgiveness for Damon AND himself in that little comment. Okay, I forgive Enzo for all the stuff he’s done to annoy me in past episodes.

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They conveniently get his ENTIRE NAME. Because, OF COURSE…. :/

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The Vampire Diaries 5x17 Promo - Rescue Me

❝"I’m still here. That’s how much control you have over me," said Elena❞
–5x16 TVD “While You Were Sleeping” (via hardcoredelena)


Trying To Survive Inside Your Heart - a delena mix with the songs from their most beautiful and important scenes, in chronological order {listen}

1. temptation - moby (1x03 damon watching elena sleep) 2. the weight of us - sanders bohlke (1x07 porch scene) 3. all i need - within temptation (1x19 the dance) 4. i was wrong - sleeperstar (2x08 damon says I love you and erases the memory) 5. stay - hurts (2x13 elena is jealous) 6. skinny love - birdy (2x21 the funeral) 7. i should go - levi kreis (2x22 the kiss while damon is dying) 8. torch song - shady bard (3x05 damon carries elena from the hospital) 9. we don’t eat - james vicent mcmorrow (3x08 damon and elena talking in her bed) 10. holding on and letting go - ross copperman (3x10 the kiss at the porch) 11. give me love - ed sheeran (3x14 dance at the mikaelson mansion) 12. never let me go - florence + the machine (3x19 the motel) 13. fear and loathing - marina & the diamonds  (3x02 bloodsharing at the grill) 14. feel so close - calvin harris (4x04 dancing at the frat party) 15. kiss me - ed sheeran (4x07 delena first time) 16. eyes on fire - blue foundation (3x08 the morning after) 17. speechless - morning parade (4x08 elena asks does this feel wrong?)18. covering your tracks - amy stroup (4x09 waking up after the sire bond discovery) 19. oblivion - bastille (4x09 goodbye at the lake house) 20. new york - snow patrol (4x10 elena says I love you) 21. belong - cary brothers (elena chooses damon) 22. don’t deserve you - plumb (5x02 kissing beside the camaro at the campus) 23. satellite call - sara bareilles (damon tells elena she is his life) 24. fire breather - laurel (elena forgives damon and they spend the night together)


AND I’M DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

❝It’s hard to explain that you broke up with the love of your life and then broke the bed❞
–Damon (via thetruesurvivor)